SFSP Program Training Assessment

Site/School/Center Name (if applicable):
Be A Champion, Inc is an approved __________ of the SFSP Program.*
Select the four correct mix of components used for meal patterns?*
What should each sponsored site do with completed meal attendance forms, Meal Production Records and packing slips from Revolution Foods/PepsiCo?*
What does "point-of-service" meal attendance recording mean?*
What should you do if a student tells you he/she does not want to take a milk with the rest of the meal they are taking during a breakfast, lunch, or supper serving?*
What should you do with the meals remaining after the serve time has completed?*
It's ok for a child to take a complete meal home right after receiving it.*
Which meal is the only meal that does NOT require a milk to be served?*
Select the example that would NOT be considered unlawful discrimination. *
If a program participant claims his/her civil rights have been violated, you must inform the complainant that he/she has a right to file a compliant, and direct them to the "And Justice For All" poster that explains methods of how to file a complaint.*
Signature (Type First and Last Name):*