CACFP Training (School Year: August-May)

Be A Champion, Inc. is an after school meal program provider through the Texas Department of Agriculture. This program is designed to assist students with academic and social growth through the resources provided by the meal program. We are very thankful for your support as we strive to implement our mission of enhancing student performance. The training materials contain information on the required annual CACFP and Civil Rights Training for your continued reference. Also included in the materials is the Civil Rights complaint form.

Below are key points found in the training that we want to highlight as imperative to continue receiving funding for this great program.

 Point-of-Service Attendance

  • The meals must be distributed in a point-of-service manner. This means the student should be marked during real-time as he/she receives a meal.
  • You cannot use classroom attendance, or fill it out before or after a student taking a meal, it must be point-of-service on approved BAC forms.

 Complete Meals Include Milk

  • Both the MILK and MEAL must be taken together.
  • Share table can be created for students to place unwanted items such as milk, or a component inside the pre-packaged meal. HOWEVER, share tables are no longer allowed in Harris County and Fort Bend County due to health department regulations.

Serve Time

  • Complete meals should only be served during the serve time.
  • All meals/milks must be consumed on-site, and all leftovers including share table items must be thrown away.

 Civil Rights

  • Any person who believes he or she has been discriminated against based on the protected classes has a right to file a complaint.
  • Examples of Civil Rights Discrimination include, but are not limited to, giving extra meals to boys rather than girls, lining up the students by age or gender to receive a meal, not giving a meal to a student for any reason other than not having enough meals.
  • Provide complainant with a copy of the USDA Program Discrimination Complaint Form, found in the site binder at every site. In the event that the complainant asks for other options, direct the complainant to the “And Justice For All” poster found at every site.
  • If the complainant gives the completed form back to site staff, the completed form must be immediately forwarded to the sponsor, Be A Champion, Inc.

Step 1: Read through CACFP Program Training

Step 2: Read through CACFP Program Attendance Example

Step 3: Submit: CACFP Program Training Assessment (Submission REQUIRED as evidence of training)


Reference Material For Future Use:

Blank Attendance Roster

Be A Champion Civil Rights Complaint Policy

USDA Civil Rights Complaint Form


Be A Champion, Inc. Meal Program Training

Be sure to complete the proper training, which is either SFSP or CACFP

SFSP Training (Summer Food Service Training)


1: Click Here to open the main SFSP Training Presentation.


2. Click on the following three links to view examples of attendance

Example Attendance For Sites Serving 150 meals and less for each service.

Example Attendance For Sites Serving More Than 150 meals for each service.

Other Examples (Site Report, Packing Slips, MPRs, Menu, Component Portions, etc.)


After reading through the above materials, complete and submit the assessment below to complete your training. Training is not complete until the assessment is submitted:


3: Click here for the SFSP Program Training Assessment

After completing the assessment, you are done!



Below is a quick 2-page summary of program compliance. It’s recommended to print a copy to keep with you as a reminder of daily compliance.

Quick (2-Page) Reference Guide

Below is a blank daily meal count form. Please print as needed:

Daily Meal Count Form