• 2001– Be A Champion, Inc. was founded in 2001(formerly as All-N-One) as a youth organization providing summer youth and sports camps.
  • 2002– The first sports camp was held in summer of 2002 in West Houston with 6 kids. That year, the Little Coogs Program was born as an outreach program providing under-privileged youth an opportunity to gain some exposure to a university campus and gameday experience with 60 kids attending each UH home football game.
  • 2003– BE A CHAMPION, INC. had expanded to over 6 locations around the Houston area with over 3,300 youth participating in Summer camps and over 100 kids attending each UH home football game. Was awarded the National Youth Sports Program Grant to operate a summer sports camp at the University of Houston Wellness Center.
  • 2004– In October of 2004, BE A CHAMPION, INC. was incorporated in the State of Texas as a 501(c) 3, non-profit organization.
  • 2005– Established the By-Laws and organizational documents for BE A CHAMPION, INC. Began to raise money for programming through sponsorships and program funding. Established the CATS (Career, Arts, Technology and Sports) model for enrichment programs.
  • 2006– In Fall of 2006, BE A CHAMPION, INC. began offering after-school enrichment programs to 11 locations around the Houston area. Obtained its first grant for after-school programming. Little Coogs sponsorships more than tripled since 2003.
  • 2007– BE A CHAMPION, INC. expanded to 25 locations expanding during school tutorials and after-school enrichment programs. The first year to offer the AVID Tutorial programs. Hires first employees for the organization.
  • 2008– BE A CHAMPION, INC. expanded to 11 summer locations and 26 after-school locations around the Houston area. Reached 120 sponsors for Little Coogs and grew sponsorship support over 650% since 2003 with over 900 kids attending each UH home football game.
  • 2009– BE A CHAMPION, INC. expanded to 30 after-school enrichment programs and over 160 sponsors for Little Coogs.
  • 2010– BE A CHAMPION, INC. received its first federal/state grant award through the Texas Department of Education for the 21st Century Community Learning Centers Grant. Expands employee base to 25. BE A CHAMPION, INC. moved into its first office.
  • 2011– BE A CHAMPION, INC. reached an all-time record for sponsorships and Little Coogs attendance (an average of 1,800 per game).
  • 2012– BE A CHAMPION, INC. expands to co-pay during and after-school programs.
  • 2013– BE A CHAMPION, INC. introduces Champion Fuel Food Program to program partners. At one point, serves over 40,000 snacks/suppers per day.
  • 2014– BE A CHAMPION, INC. is awarded a direct contract as a Sponsor/Contracting Entity with the Texas Department of Education providing the CACFP and SFSP food programs under the USDA Child and Nutrition Programs.